Holiday homes in Zeelandic Flanders

Holiday homes in Zeelandic Flanders

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Holiday homes Zeeland Flanders

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Zeelandic Flanders


Enveloped by the Western Scheldt and the North Sea, Zeelandic Flanders with its vast beaches is a popular destination of bathers and nature lovers. The island has two major nature reserves. The Zwin, in the West, is a famous site for finding 40 million year old shark teeth. The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe, in the East, is the largest salt meadows area of Europe. Zeelandic Flanders lies next to Belgium, lending it a Burgundian atmosphere. However, the beaches, dunes and vast polders are very Zeelandic. Walking or cycling through Zeelandic Flanders takes you to places such as the artistic village of Groede or the town of Philippine famous for its mussels, but also to fortified towns such as Hulst and Sluis.

Since the creation of the Zeelandic Flanders hiking network the Borderlands Route has a new variant: Eastern Zeelandic Flanders.

We encounter numerous creeks, forts and lines. We are introduced to the small remaining defenses of Sas van Gent and with the nearly complete ramparts of Hulst. In Sas van Gent we can see how narrow the channel once was; the Marina and the view from the large swing bridge shows how wide the channel is now. We walk through the nature reserve of Canisvliet and over the edge of ‘Big Island’. Leaving Hulst, we follow the Line Dike for a long stretch.

If the water level of the Western Scheldt permits it, we stroll through a large part of the largest brackisch water marsh of Europe, Saeftinghe, with its visitor center at Emmadorp. Otherwise, follow the outside edge of the dike! The quiet inner dikes lead us to Hontenisse (the nose into the Honte = the Western Scheldt), now Kloosterzande.

An old medieval winding dike takes us to Kampen. Here we walk over old drainage locks that discharged the water from the polder onto the Hellegat in times past. The land has now been reclaimed, but there are talks of removing the polders to restore the ecosystem of the Western Scheldt. Once we cross the Western Scheldt Dike, we follow the border between land and water, whether we head for Perkpolder (summer ferry or Terneuzen.

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Holiday in Zeelandic Flanders

There are endless possibilities to explore the area on foot or by bicycle from your holiday home in Zeelandic Flanders. There is a new hiking network 'Zeelandic Flanders' and you will discover places, such as the artistic Groede, the mussel village Philippine, and the fortified towns Hulst and Sluis.

A holiday home in Zeelandic Flanders is the ideal base for a holiday in Zeeland with the family, a large group, with a dog, or with other company. For example, stay in a group accommodation, bungalow, or one of our beautiful holiday homes in Zeelandic Flanders.

Enjoying the coast of Zeelandic Flanders

With a coastline that is longer than 10 miles and four well-known seaside resorts, Zeelandic Flanders is an ideal base for a weekend trip to Zeeland. You can, for example, discover the shipping industry in Breskens, or the beautiful beaches of Goede. Sports enthusiasts will have a great time in Cadzand, and for the ultimate hiking and sunbathing spot, you should definitely visit Nieuwvliet.

Holiday Zeeland offers all kinds of possibilities for a holiday in Zeeland. Directly take a look at our range of holiday homes in Zeelandic Flanders for a great holiday in Zeeland!


Enjoying the coast of Zeelandic Flanders

With a coastline of no less than 17 kilometers and four well-known seaside resorts, Zeelandic Flanders is an ideal base for a weekend getaway in Zeeland. Discover the shipping industry in Breskens for example, or the beautiful beaches of Goede. Sports enthusiasts will have a great time in Cadzand, and Nieuwvliet is the perfect location for hiking and sunbathing.

Holiday Zeeland offers plenty of options for a holiday in Zeeland. Take a look at the selection of our holiday homes in Zeelandic Flanders for a fantastic holiday in Zeeland!

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