Top 11 nature homes Zeeland

Looking for a holiday in a nature home for a weekend break or long vacation? Then take a look at our nature homes in Zeeland. We have created a handy overview with the top 11 nature homes in Zeeland. Enjoy a lovely vacation in your nature home by the sea.

Renting a nature home in Zeeland

Why rent a nature home in Zeeland?

  • Ultimate peace and quiet
  • Beautiful location in the middle of nature
  • Away from the busy daily hustle
  • Perfect privacy

1. Villa Nieuwerkerk

This accommodation is a luxurious holiday farmhouse suited for 5 people, located near a beautiful pond. The location of the holiday home is the ideal starting point for exploring your surroundings. Enjoy yourself and completely relax with your family in this beautiful environment. From your accommodation you have a view of the beautiful, park-like garden with waterfall, shell beach, pond and gazebo. A stay in this luxurious villa makes for a fantastic holiday for young and old. Discover the history of Nieuwerkerk and relax completely.

  1. Located by a river
  2. Near the forest
  3. Nature home suited for five people

2. Holiday home Geersdijk

This luxurious holiday home for two people in Geersdijk lies only 1000 meters from the Veerse Meer. This nature home is located in a daydream and sculpture garden with blooming farmlands. Relax on the furnished private terrace with a view of the old drinking pond. This nature home is the ideal option for nature lovers and people looking for some peace and quiet. Explore the surroundings by bicycle or on foot. Visit the beaches and take part in several water sports, such as swimming, surfing, sailing, canoeing, diving and fishing. Choose holiday home Geersdijk if you want to enjoy beautiful nature, but also want to be close to the water. Did you know that Geersdijk is the favorite holiday destination for people looking for nature and some peace and quiet?

  1. Located by a marina
  2. By the Veerse Meer
  3. Nature home suited for two people

3. Holiday home Kamperland

You will find this beautiful holiday home suited for six people only two kilometers from the Veerse Meer. The dyke home is surrounded by a fenced garden which emphasizes the rural atmosphere. The holiday home lies close to the North Sea beach and the Oosterschelde, so a lot of water fun for young and old is guaranteed! During your stay in this holiday home you will have a beautiful view of the farmlands and the Schotsman nature reserve. Explore nature in your free time by taking a lovely walk or going on long cycling tours. Did you know there is a cycling route that is 32 kilometers long?

VZ184 Holiday home Kamperland

  1. Located by the Veerse Meer
  2. Pets allowed
  3. Nature home suited for six people

4. Holiday home Zoutelande

In this holiday home in Zoutelande you will have a beautiful view of the dunes and a large, sunny garden. Enjoy the sunrise int he mornings and the sunset in the evenings. A large playing field is available, and you will also find some sheep and chickens here. This luxurious holiday home for four people is located less than a kilometer from the shops. Zoutelande is a family-friendly seaside town. It is one of the most visited towns along the Zeeuwse beaches. Did you know that the beaches of Zoutelandse are also known as the Zeeuwse Rivièra? Zoutelande is the only town in The Netherlands with a beach facing the south, giving it the most sun hours. Experience a vacation you will never forget in this holiday home in Zoutelande.

VZ178 Holiday home Zoutelande

  1. Located by the dunes
  2. By the sea
  3. Nature home suited for four people

5. Holiday home Kamperland

Surrounded by the beautiful polder landscape, you will find this holiday home for four people by the Veerse Meer in Kamperland. This holiday home offers a lot of peace and space, and has a comfortable, fully furnished interior. The surroundings are perfect for taking walks and cycling. Discover the beautiful landscape at your own pace. Visit the Veerse Meer, only two kilometers away, and watch people play water sports or take part in some water sports yourself. Experience a lot of water fun! Did you know that especially water sports lovers love to come here? The Uithaven Kamperland is a popular marina, located centrally in the village.

  1. By fishing water
  2. By the sea
  3. Nature home suited for four people

6. Family home Aagtekerke

Stay with your family in an atmospheric holiday farmhouse for eight people in Aagtekerke, near Domburg and close to the sea. The perfect home base for people who love peace and quiet and nature. It is a good option if you want to avoid the bustle of regular tourism. You are supplied with all amenities because of the comfortable interior of the holiday home. It is also surrounded by a large, beautiful garden with furnished terrace, so you can sit outdoors and enjoy the weather and the view. Visit nature reserve De Manteling in Walcheren, surrounded by forests, dunes, stately lanes and winding footpaths. Did you know the village lies in the middle of the polders and farmlands? The perfect starting point for a cycling or walking tour through the lands of Walcheren.

VZ415 Family House Aagtekerke

  1. Located by the sea
  2. Terrace with garden furniture
  3. Nature home suited for eight people

7. Group accommodation Goes

Come enjoy yourself with family and friends in this beautiful group accommodation near Goes. The group accommodation is suited for 14 to 16 people. Did you know that this holiday home offers wellness facilities? Relax completely in this holiday home with sauna and whirlpool bath. The holiday home has a spacious floor plan and is suited for people with disabilities. The surroundings offer a lot of privacy. This group accommodation is located on the edge of the village and is surrounded by farmlands. The Westerschelde is 10 kilometers away, the Oosterschelde and the North Sea are 15 and 20 kilometers away, respectively. Did you know Goes is a real shopping city on Zuid-Beveland?

VZ250 Group accommodation Goes

  1. Suited for people with disabilities
  2. Sauna & whirlpool bath
  3. Nature home suited for 14 - 16 people

8. Holiday home Aagtekerke

Three kilometers from Domburg and 1.5 kilometers from the beach you will find a fun nature home by the sea, suited for five people. It has a cozy and comfortable interior. Here, you can enjoy a quiet vacation because of all the privacy and peace and quiet. Because of the many planned cycling routes, the surroundings are perfect for long cycling tours. Enjoy the beautiful nature reserves and picturesque village while you are on your way. Did you know that Aagtekerke is a good option if you want to avoid the bustle of regular tourism?

  1. Located by the sea
  2. Near Domburg
  3. Nature home suited for five people

9. Holiday home Grijpskerke

In Grijpskerke you will find this beautiful holiday home for five people on a barnyard. Around this nature home in Zeeland you will find a large pond and many animals, such as ponies, chickens, goats, sheep and dogs. Did you know that this home is suited for a holiday with children? They can play on the play equipment, such as the slide, trampoline and go-carts. This child-friendly holiday home is located in the countryside of Walcheren, and lies only five kilometers from Middelburg. The beaches, forests and the Veerse Meer can be found three kilometers from the nature home. Enjoy a lovely family vacation in a child-friendly environment.

  1. Located in the countryside
  2. Child-friendly
  3. Nature home suited for five people

10. Holiday home Aagtekerke

In Aagtekerke you will find this atmospheric and comfortable holiday home for six people by the sea, near Domburg. This holiday home is supplied with all amenities, and it has a play room with pinball machines and a pool table. Children can play to their heart's content with the play room and all the games available. There is also a children's playground available with slide, swings and a trampoline. Discover the surroundings by bicycle or on foot, and visit the beaches and the beautiful dunes. Rent this nature home in the dunes of Zeeland and enjoy a lovely holiday by the sea.

VZ257 Holiday home Aagtekerke

  1. Located near the dunes
  2. Child-friendly
  3. Nature home suited for six people

11. Holiday bungalow Vrouwenpolder

Enjoy a lovely weekend break or long holiday in a holiday bungalow in Vrouwenpolder on Walcheren. This luxurious, detached holiday home is suited for five people. The bungalow is surrounded by a fenced garden. Enjoy the beautiful view of farmlands and dunes. Visit Vrouwenpolder, with its several restaurants, cafes, shops and terraces. Because of the central location between the Veerse Meer and the North Sea there is always water nearby where you can have a lot of water fun. Did you know that Vrouwenpolder has several beautiful diving spots? Rent this nature home in Zeeland and experience the best vacation.

VZ557 Holiday bungalow Vrouwenpolder

  1. Located by the Veerse Meer
  2. By the dunes
  3. Nature home suited for five people

Are you thinking about your vacation in 2018? Then view our nature homes now, and book one of the top 11 nature homes in Zeeland right away! Want to go on a holiday to Zeeland, but no clue where you want to be staying? We made a handy overview with the top 10 most loved towns in Zeeland. Experience a lovely holiday by the sea in Zeeland.